Providing Trees, Shrubs and Fruit Trees Across The Maritimes

Charlie The Tree Guy is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality trees, shrubs, and fruit trees to Nova Scotia residents for many years. Our nursery features over 300 varieties of plants, and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find exactly what you need for your home or business. We take pride in delivering healthy trees that will thrive in Nova Scotia's climate.

Charlie "The Tree Guy"

  By day, Charlie Baird is a logging contractor. By evening, he’s known simply as Charlie the tree guy. It really started out as a garden with a few horse chestnut seeds and as time went on, it continued to grow to the point where we are today today with over 20,000 potted trees. It’s a hobby that got out of hand!

  The collection of trees and shrubs, exceeds that of any local garden center in Truro. At this point, I have over 200 different species of trees and 100 varieties of shrubs.  They include everything from your basic maples, oaks and nuts to strange flowering ornamental trees. I’m always looking for a new seed source. I would hate to have to turn someone away. As people come to me with requests, it almost becomes a personal mission to find a certain species if I don’t already have it.

  Over the  years we have learned a lot about the various species of trees we deal with. Wanting people to have planting success, we provide individuals with all the planting instruction and help pick out the right tree or shrub for the location. Some people think planting a tree means finding an open space and sticking it into the ground. “That’s not the case and the problem is, people who work in garden stores don’t pass along that information or they don’t pick out the proper tree for the conditions it’s going to be growing in. That’s why trees die. If a customer wants to plant a tree in a place that’s naturally cold or windy, they need a tree that can survive in that climate. That’s where we offer suggestions and try to help them find a tree they can be happy with and that’s going to survive in the location they’re going to plant it in. I also give them pruning and feeding instructions and tree care advice.

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