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**** Hi   everyone  Its Maple sap time 

at the nursery until around the 10th of april.

With some warmer weather we will be getting trees

out of winter storage and should be able to open

late april or May 1


  Gift certificates and maple syrup are always available.

Call 902-899-7889


Anyone looking for a career in the nursery business?

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Fruit Trees Available August 18, 2022

Apple varieties: Snowsweet, Cox Orange, Ambrosia, Smoothie Gold, Royal Court, Honeycrisp, Red Gravenstein, Paula Red, Yellow Transparent (August apple), Northern Spy, Granny Smith, Cortland, Chelan Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Empire, Vista Bella, Red Dutchess, Liberty, Sweet Sixteen and Reinette Russet.


Cherry varieties: , Montmorency and Stella


Pear varieties: Ure Rustique


* Due to supply chain issues we were unable to bring in plum trees this year so look forward to next year, fingers crossed! :)

Finally, we have begun our 2023 bareroot list. If you'd like to be added send us an email and mention you'd like to be added so we can make sure you know when the new trees arrive next spring!


Thinking about adding some leafy shade to your backyard, but don’t know how?

Dreaming of a fruit orchard boasting a variety of delicious fruit?

Or have you discovered a rare, obsolete tree species online and despair of ever finding such a tree in Nova

Scotia? Despair no more – Charlie the Tree Guy has answers galore. 

Come visit our nursery and we will help you find the perfect tree or shrub to help turn your house and yard

into a home!

Click here to contact Charlie the Tree Guy


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