This year we have been very busy at the nursery and are not doing delivers and planting.

    We will give you all the instructions you need to do the job yourself  or we can suggest 

    a landscaper in your area.


Charlie The Tree Guy understand that your time is very valuable.  That is why we strive to be your one-stop shopping experience. We have the compost , bark mulch and tree stakes along with all the planting instructions you will need to plant your new tree or shrub.  If you would enjoy doing the planting, but can't fit that tree or beautiful collection of shrubs in your Toyota Corolla, we can also deliver your material, large or small along with compost, barkmulch and staking .  Why not sit back, relax and let us help you fulfill your landscaping dreams.

(HST extra)
Our minimum delivery charge is $25 for any plant or hardgood .  For delivery locations outside our minimum delivery charge Zone ‘A’, a distance surcharge will apply.   For nursery stock orders, a delivery charge can only be provided once the material has been selected. Due to rising fuel costs a fuel surcharge may be implemented at any time throughout the year without notice.
Delivery/Planting charges are a one-time fee for services provided and are not refundable. However, when a delivery/planting charge was paid on the original purchase, it is our policy to redeliver/replant without charge, any plant being replaced under the terms of our guarantee. This delivery or replanting will be at the discretion of The Tree Guy and in certain cases a new delivery and/or planting charge may be necessary, if out of our travel area or conditions have changed.


Whether you want one potted tree planted or your entire yard landscaped, The Tree Guy can offer years of professional experience and expertise. We will plant throughout the season, as long as the ground is workable.
(HST Extra)
Planting charges include soil improvements and staking or guying, deemed as necessary by our landscape foreman. Planting charges include delivery. Any distance surcharges will be included in your planting charge. Owner is responsible for all post planting maintenance, such as watering, fertilizing and removal of stakes.

Kubota digger requires level access, 34" wide and 83" high

 Bobcat requires level access, 71" wide and 83" high

 Please Note: Backyard deliveries and plantings are possible ONLY if there is clear and level access without steps or other obstructions. If exceptions to these conditions are not noted to our sales staff at time of purchase in writing, then an additional cost may apply at the rate of $50 per hour.

Containers 5 to 10 Gallon     one tree  $65.00  2nd tree or more  $45

containers 15 tor 20 Gallon     one tree  $75.00  2nd tree or more  $55

Containers 25gal  up              one tree  $100   2nd tree or more   $80              


   Direct calls to some utility providers may be required in certain Municipalities, where
   Electric Power Lines, Cable Conduit and Lighting Cables
    Gas, Oil, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials
    Telephone, Cable T.V., Communication, Alarm and Signal Lines
    Water Mains and Service Lines
    Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Drain Lines
    Temporary Survey Markings
    Proposed Excavation
   Remember The Best time to plant a tree was Yesterday

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